Infinity2000Power Battery with LCD display  ACLD-04B
USB Connection Type
Charge your phone from the wall outlet using the USB connection cord, iPod, DSi, PSP, etc. All can be charged directly with this recharger 【USB cable not included】
Domestic use but can be used internationally without requiring an AC100 ~ 240V transformer in the charger. (May require use a conversion plug for the shape of the outlet. [Optional])
When connected devices have finished charging, the built-in lithium battery begins charging automatically for additional stored power. This will serve as a spare battery when travelling.
The LCD clearly indicates remaining battery power of 0 -100%, so that unexpected abrupt battery cut-off is prevented.
It’s possible to charge only the internal lithium battery.
When fully charged, the 2000mAh capacity lithium batteries allow about 4 hours of talk time. Responds well to the hard schedules of business trips.
Because the lithium polymer batteries can be recharged 500 times or more, repeated charging remains very economical.
Check the table for compatibility here

Attached liquid crystal display (LCD) for indicating remaining battery power
Even when the product is fully charged, you can always have the convenience while charging other devices of being able to check their remaining power with the LCD battery level indicator.

When going out, you can charge your devices from the stored power in the lithium polymer battery.
When going out, by pressing the button on the top, you can use it as an emergency charger for cellphones, iPod, DS Lite, PSP, and various other equipment. It is very convenient because the LCD indicates the remaining power stored.

It can charge directly from the electrical outlet.
Using the electrical outlet, it can charge cellphones, iPod, DS Lite and PSP etc, directly as an AC charger. With the 90-degree rotary power plug, it’s easy to insert in the electrical outlet. It’s usable overseas without an AC 100〜240V transformer, so is ideal as a compatible travel charger.

USB devices can be charged from a variety of terminals
With the optional USB cable to connect to the USB terminal, it can charge a variety of devices, such as cellphones, iPod, DSi, DS Lite, and PSP.

Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz
Output DC5.0V 0.80A
External dimensions 90mm×57mm×20mm (body)
Weight About 100g (body)
Battery used Lithium(2000mAh)

Note: (Please do not misuse!)
When using AC to charge cellphones, iPod, etc., please never push the top button.
When the button is down to charge, please note when there is sufficient charge, and don’t over-charge as this may damage equipment.
Please press the top button only when charging from the battery.